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Ivan and Wilma Fletcher are an American urban contemporary gospel music husband and wife duo from Sanford Florida. They desire to used their gift of music and song to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every town, city, state and country on planet earth.


Ivan was raised in a small town in central Florida by the name of Bartow. He was raised by John and Vivian Fletcher. Ivan was the youngest and the only son of three children. Ivan's musical journey started when he was around 3 or 4 years old. He always had a fascination with music and soulful singing. The soulful sounds of Motown and other amazing artists such as James Brown and Aretha Franklin just to name a few flowed through their home on a daily bases. Around 4 years old Ivan began to imitate the artist he heard on the radio and saw on tv. At the age of 6 Ivan sang in his church's junior choir. Gospel music was also a major influence on Ivan at a very young age. But it wasn't until he saw the Jackson 5 for the first time on tv that caused his dream to be a recording artist to take shape. His dream to be a pop star shot through the roof and into orbit. Since that day his life has never been the same. He entered and won his first talent show at the age of eight. He performed songs by his favorite group the Jackson 5.Through the years he sang in local R&B groups and bands performing the top 40 hits of that day. He was always hoping someone in the audience would be affiliated with a major record label and offer his band a lucrative record deal. His quest to become a R&B superstar ended at age 19 when he surrender his heart to Jesus. Since that day he has used his gift of music, singing and songwriting as a tool to encourage people to accept Jesus as Lord and savior of their lives. He recorded demos and pursued a career in gospel music.


Wilma was also raised in a small town in central Florida by the name of Frostproof. She was born to Shedrick Sr. and Climentine Chaney. She was the 8th of 9 children. Six girls and three boys. Her family was a very musical family. They sang while they played as well as while they worked. Raised in the church she began singing in the choir at the age of 4. Wilma's mother did not allow the children to listen to secular music. So they would sit around with close friends and family and harmonize perfecting their vocals. At age 8 Wilma gave her life to Jesus. She was vocally influenced by Shirley Caesar and Aretha Franklin. In her teens she, her youngest sister and three close friends formed a gospel singing group. They recorded an album that got some local airplay and good reviews. They toured through out Florida and some of the southern and northern states as well. As Wilma developed vocally she dreamed of becoming a gospel recording artist. She continued to minister in song whereever she could in hopes that God would allow someone from a record label to discover her.


The couple met while in their mid 20's. During their first conversation they realized that they had the same dream to become international gospel recording artist and to lead millions to Jesus through their gift. After 2 years of dating the couple married . They had 2 sons. Ivan and Wilma began ministring together as a duo almost immediately after marriage and have served as praise team leaders at some of the churches they attended. Ivan and Wilma performed BeBe and CeCe Winans and Billy and Sarah Gaines songs at church events through out the years. In 1998 while 7 months pregnant the couple lost their only daughter. While Wilma took time to recover from the loss, Ivan pressed forward with the music to keep their dream alive. Ivan went solo for several years. In 2012 Ivan released a solo album titled He's Real on their own label Dreamscope Production. On October 31, 2013 Ivan signed with the Oklahoma based record label Tate Music Group. Although the album's single Just Because got radio airplay around the country because of a small promotion budget the album gained only moderate success. In December of 2014 Ivan felt the leading of God to reunite with Wilma as a duo to fulfill the many prophecies that was spoken over their lives regarding their music ministry. Their mission is to walk out their calling from God. To fulfill their purpose and destiny in the earth. To tell as many people as they can about the love, joy and power of their Lord and savior Jesus Christ through the gift of music and song.

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